Tomato season has arrived!

Tomato season has arrived!

It’s hard waiting for perfect produce. Every Summer when the weather is hot there’s nothing I like more than the acid-sweet bite of a tomato with some tangy cheese and peppery basil but, rudely, tomatoes need the hot weather to grow and ripen and aren’t ready when I am.

Sure, you can get tomatoes grown in hot-houses far away that have been picked too early and trucked down the country but they’re a different fruit that don’t have the same wallop of flavour. So it’s with joy that I announce that the local tomatoes are finally ready!

We now have organic cherry tomatoes from the peerless Goodies From the Gorge, and huge misshapen purple and yellow tomatoes from my garden in sunny Sunshine Bay.

To celebrate we’re launching a new bruschetta today using our own sourdough, toasting it on the chargrill, rubbing it with garlic and smothering it with glorious fresh tomatoes marinated in local olive oil, basil and our zingy homemade ricotta cheese.

Finally the right flavours to match glorious sunny days by the lake!

– by Will Eaglesfield